Security and resilience for ambitious goals

As an IT consulting firm for demanding requirements, we devise solutions that guarantee our customers long-term added value in their information security. The clientele includes publicly-listed corporations and companies that are leaders in their markets, which is why they place great value in outstanding professional, innovative, and quality-driven concepts. This level of trust has made CARMAO one of the most sought-after firms in the field of information security consulting.

One manifestation of our outstanding expertise is also the development of proprietary methods in the CHARISMA framework. They serve the purpose of more rapid and, above all, more successful project implementation on a premium level, regardless of the requirements to be fulfilled in the management of information security. This is because they are backed up by procedural models on the basis of comprehensive best practice experiences and intelligent optimization methods.

What we stand for: Intelligent. Straightforward. Premium.

Intelligent stands for CARMAO's principle of creating space for conceptual ideas in fully new dimensions, exercising exceptional depth in exploring solutions and including related disciplines on a targeted basis. What's more: Today, we are already taking into account the requirements of tomorrow, and transferring our expertise to our clients.

Implementing intelligent solutions that are more straightforward than usual requires fully new methods, which we have developed with very ambitious goals over the past few years and which are reflected in our CHARISMA framework. As a result, through best-practice methodologies we systematically reduce project costs and consistently harness opportunities for standardization.

Premium represents our uncompromising principle of development at the highest level of quality. With a high degree of innovation and future-proof, providing our customers cutting edge solutions in their information security. This is guaranteed not only by the excellent professional and project management expertise of our consultants but also by their high level of certification and the use of analytical methods for quality and project optimization.

Associate Partners. Specialists for any assignment at any time

When it comes to information security, our customers expect to be advised by specialists, regardless of which requirements. These also tend to be very specialized or even time-critical and at the height of complexity.

That is why for complementary services and a flexible range of resources, we have built up a network of associate partners, all of whom have established themselves in the fields of information security as consultants with exceptionally high levels of expertise and customer-focused consulting methods. All the partners have in-depth industry experience in practically all segments, along with additional, specific qualifications.

As opposed to ordinary cooperation, the associate partner program is backed up by close, contractually-secured collaboration that is tested and proven in joint projects. This gives us and our customers the assurance that these partners uphold CARMAO´s high quality standards and will continue to do so.

The benefit of the associate partner concept for our customers: The systematic exchange of experience and mutual knowledge transfer flow directly into the projects as professional added value. At the same time, staffing bottlenecks in projects or shortages of industry specialists are a thing of the past. Because our customers have countrywide access to the uniquely vast pool of different specialists whom they can rely on, even at short notice. Especially due to the fact that this competence network is continually growing.

Become an Associate Partner

Institutional Partners. In intensive dialog

In addition to Associate Partners, the CARMAO’s comprehensive network also involves other renowned organizations and institutional sources of expertise in information security. This includes the Alliance for Cybersecurity (BSI), the Fraunhofer Institute SIT, along with the German Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD), the Competence Center for Applied Security Technology (CAST) and numerous other organizations.

We are engaged in an in-depth exchange of information with them concerning the latest developments in the various fields of information security, special industry requirements and overall legal or political conditions. All of this occurs with the objective of precisely generating knowledge for our customers. This knowledge flows into our consulting in a manner that leads their projects to fruition.

Customers: From publicly-listed to medium-sized enterprises

As is generally known, the requirements for information security differ depending upon the company size and industry. Banks and other segments of business are subject to special regulatory conditions that have significant influence on the strategies for information security. CARMAO has nearly 15 years of experience in this approach.