Our certifications internationally recognized

In a world that is becoming ever more complex with respect to subject matter and technology, certifications through neutral institutions provide proof of the security level of companies or the specific professional competencies of experts. They are an expression of a certain level of quality, yet they are also increasingly demanded by lawmakers – as is the case with ISMS requirements according to the IT Security Act or the EU GDPR.

For this reason, CARMAO maintains its own Competence Center for certifications, in partnership with the PECB (Professional Evaluation and Certification Board). The PECB has a worldwide presence and a high reputation in the market, and the company is accredited with the International Accreditation Service (IAS) according to ISO/IEC 17024. As a result, the certificates issued by the PECB receive international and standard-compliant recognition.

The background of the collaboration is the development in the German-speaking region enabling companies to increasingly standardize training and certification conditions in all of their global locations. Because the strategies in information security no longer stop at national borders, but rather are very frequently centrally managed in companies with an international focus. PECB offers the ideal prerequisites for this and already has nearly 100 partnerships in Europe alone.