CC verinice. Licensed by BSI

Verinice is a freeware ISMS tool currently widely distributed. The software is made available for free download as an open source application. It has licensed the IT Baseline Protection Catalogs from the Federal Office for Information Security, which is why it is used for implementation of IT baseline protection, for example. A technically mature import function enables easy and seamless migration from GSTOOL to Verinice.

What's more, Verinice supports the implementation of risk analyses according to ISO 27005 and is suitable to be run as an information security management system according to ISO 27001. In addition, it can be used to carry out ISO assessments according to the rules of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and compliance certificates according to various standards.

The CARMAO experts at the Verinice Competence Center can support you in all questions relating to the solution, whether they merely involve installation and configuration of the tool, individual adaptations or administration of the solution. However, we also provide you with the necessary professional knowledge in our regular seminars.

CC avedos. Focus on the 360-degree approach

The European GRC software manufacturer, avedos, with headquarters in Vienna, has been dedicated for many years to the integration of the various GRC domains, focusing its efforts on information security, in addition to risk management, compliance and business continuity. The avedos software solutions act as a link between operative levels and top management. They enable risk-conscious and value-oriented decisions in a complex corporate environment.

The 360° approach of CARMAO and the software platform risk2value, which enables the running of GRC processes on an integrated software platform, are a perfect complement to one another. Thanks to comprehensive, flexible modelling capabilities, risk2value is adapted to the individual company-specific requirements of the customer, without sacrificing the advantages of a standard solution, and enabling gradual integration of additional GRC disciplines. CARMAO's avedos Competence Center develops customer-specific solutions for this tool. Your decisive advantage: The holistic approach. Risk2value also guarantees a continuously differentiated overview of all the processes, roles, overlaps and project priorities.