Experts on demand. Flexible response

In the event that short-term professional staffing resources are needed due to  capacity bottlenecks, or employees with special skill sets are required temporarily for particular requirements, companies rely on the experts from CARMAO. Your advantage: Without having to conduct your own recruiting in case of capacity bottlenecks, or when employees with special skill sets are required temporarily for particular requirements, you can count on the experts from CARMAO. Your advantage: Without having to conduct your own recruiting, you can depend on covering your demand for resources and support on a relatively short-term basis and rely on the experience and know-how of our experts. This applies to specialized professional requirements as well as to consultants for various management functions.

Project Managers. Expertise with added-value

Projects in information security require special skill sets in order to meet goals, to be precisely on schedule, and to fall within the framework of the calculated budget. Especially when it comes to sophisticated projects and measures with new security technologies, it frequently benefits companies and public agencies to assign the project management to experts who excel in precise areas of expertise targeted specifically to the demand and offering a vast background of experience from a wide array of projects. This method is also recommended because the available resources are combined with high expertise and the management of these types of objectives in other projects.

In addition to their proven professional know-how, the CARMAO experts are particularly well-trained both in intelligent approaches and in proven project management methodologies. We go a step further, however, by also gearing our methodology to the greatest possible level of efficiency. By means of modern controlling methods, we always keep a close eye on project development for precise controlling at all times. What's more, our project managers, through the transfer of best practice experiences, provide additional added value which remains in the client company over the long-term.

Alternative solution. Information Security Officer

The position of the information security officer, also referred to as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), has now taken on key significance in the security concepts of companies. And it is becoming even more important due to the IT Security Act. Not every company has a long-term need for a CISO. Especially in the assignment of part-time responsibility, consistent advanced training and the build-up of experiential knowledge in handling security-relevant situations are often difficult to achieve.

In cases such as these, the external information security officer represents a convenient solution. As an outside specialist, he or she offers the advantage of being able to assert information security in a more concentrated way, far removed from the daily business, and in doing so, offers a more impartial view than in-house employees and without internal dependencies. In this manner, not only can holistic solutions be achieved more easily, but a cultural change in the security mentality of companies can be brought about more effectively. And the experienced information security officers from CARMAO offer precisely these prerequisites.

Data Protection Officer. Outside professionals

The statutory requirements for data protection have become increasingly more comprehensive, also not least because data protection has become an extremely sensitive topic in the public at large. Compliance with legal requirements thus takes comprehensive knowledge, which is often not available in companies or public agencies – due to lack of relevant resources, for example.

The solution: Our demand-based service with an external data protection officer, working according to best practice methods and guaranteeing optimal, yet overhead-conscious implementation. This includes, for example, the preparation of documentation for data protection, implementation of data protection checks, advising management on this topic or providing support and advice to your data protection officer.

One of the key features for which we are renowned in the market is that the data protection experts from CARMAO speak your language and develop a quick understanding of your individual requirements and conditions. Thus, you are on the safe side in terms of data protection regulations, without having to make major changes to your normal work routines and technologies.